Model TM1800-72D

Testing Applications

Designed to provide no-load test stand power for multi-horsepower DC Traction Motors

The Traction Motor Test Set features separate internal sources for field and armature testing and an AC source for testing winding reactance (Impedance Test.) The output supplies each have separate controls, measuring and protection circuits for efficient use of the test set.


  • Main Power Breaker with indicator
  • Control Power Breaker with indicator
  • Security Circuit Interlock Open with indicator
  • Emergency OFF Mushroom pushbutton switch
  • Zero-start interlock
  • External interlock provision
  • External warning circuit provision
  • Thermal overload protection on all voltage regulator outputs
  • Filtered, forced air cooling
  • Transient protection on all meters and relays
  • Rugged steel cabinet with lifting eyes and removable side panels
  • Angled control panel with writing desk
  • Flashing red warning light
  • Output cables included 4.5 m
  • Recessed jacks for twist-lock plugs on output cables
  • Two copies of operation/ maintenance manual


The test system has a complete instrumentation package for definitive measurement of electrical and physical characteristics of motors under test. All meters for AC and DC  supplies are digital and displayed on the Human Machine Interface. High accuracy current transformers (CT) and transducers are utilized for stability and a high degree of meter accuracy. All meters are calibrated with standards traceable to NIST/NRC and a calibration sticker is affixed to the Control panel faceplate.