Model PTD-EMTS250

Designed for load testing of small Electric motors up to 250 HP

The Model PTD-EMTS250 is a self-contained unit offering exceptional electric motor load testing capabilities and features an adjustable lift table for easy motor placement. The test stand has 6 swivel-locking casters for easy positioning within a test area. A durable water absorber, automatic load control, and an integrated cooling system allow for continuous-duty testing of motors up to 250 HP.

With the included DPM (Digital Power Meter), the system precisely measures and displays speed, torque, and power. With the DPM, load can be set to allow continuous testing at a constant torque. Torque is controlled by turning a potentiometer which controls the water flow into the absorber through the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) pump. Measurements are taken directly from the absorber. The DPM also measures peak observed readings for all three measurements. The included Data Logger software, when installed on a computer, also displays torque, HP, RPM, and percent slip in real time and allows data to be graphed, recorded, stored, and printed.

Electric motor power and torque verification has never been easier.

  • Compact and easy to set-up with an adjustable lift table
  • Integrated 30-gallon (114 L) water storage tank
  • Variable Frequency Drive pump for precise load control
  • Advanced control unit with software provides speed, torque, and power data


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