AS0094500 GPS Surge Protector

GPS receivers are sensitive devices and are vulnerable to a phenomenon known as voltage surges and electrical transients. Sources of electrical surges are numerous. The most common is a nearby lightning strike, which affects nearby lines through induction. Industrial transients are also significant because they are man made disturbances caused by switching and commuting of electrical motors. The operation of such devices can cause abrupt shifts in the ground potential that can generate a current flow through a nearby cable in order to equalize the ground potential.

Surge Protector Electrical Characteristics
Designed for GPS Protection
Frequency Range: DC – 2.150 GHz
Allows the passage of antenna energizing voltage: 5 Vdc
Multi-stage circuitry using heavy duty gas tube
Response time: 5 ns
Current Suppression: 750 A (2×10 µs)